Consistency is Key!

Quench Clear

  • One (1) Aesthetic Treatment ($100)
  • 10% discount on other services
  • 5% discount on retail
  • Over 20% in savings

Quench Cool

  • One (1) Adv. Aesthetic Service ($175) OR
  • One (1) Superficial Peel ($150)
  • 10% discount on other services
  • 10% discount on retail
  • Over 30% in savings

Quench Deep

  • One (1) Full Face Micro-needling ($350) OR
  • One (1) Quench Peel ($250)
  • 20% discount on other services
  • 15% discount on retail
  • Over 40% in savings

Membership Terms & Conditions

  • Memberships are a 6 month or 1-year commitment.
  • Memberships must be purchased with a valid credit/debit card only.
  • Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.
  • Payment will be extracted on the same day of each month.
  • Unused credits roll over into the next month and can be stockpiled for up to 3 months. Expired credits have no remaining value.
  • To cancel, you must visit Quench Esthetics to fill out and sign the Membership Cancellation Form. Cancellation requests cannot be made over the phone.
  • If a credit card is declined or automatic payment does not go through, Member must call Quench Esthetics within 7 days to provide a new form of payment.
  • There can be no substitutions for these services.
  • cannot be gifted and can only be used by Member.
  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Quench Esthetics must be notified of any change in billing address on file, contact and credit card information.
  • If Member fails to reach out to Quench Esthetics within 7 days, Member forfeits all stockpiled credits and membership will be suspended until a valid form of payment is provided. No refunds will be given for any remaining unused credits. 


Which membership is right for YOU?